Hunting the Public Cloud for Exposed Hosts and Misconfigurations

This research explores the security landscape of the Internet-facing services hosted in Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. Public cloud is becoming increasingly popular and the reported total spending on cloud infrastructure grew 45.6% in 2018. Amazon AWS maintained its lead with a 31.3% share of the Cloud Service Provider (CSP) market, followed by Microsoft Azure with 16.5%, and Google Cloud Platform, with 9.5%. CSPs offer various “as-a-service” models that give businesses agility and flexibility to scale operations without worrying about the IT infrastructure. However, a single insecure configuration can put the entire infrastructure at risk.

We focused on evaluating public cloud from the publicly exposed hosts. We collected information including exposed services, service versions and service vulnerabilities to determine the security posture of each host.

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Source: Palo Alto