Post GandCrab, Cybercriminals Scouring the Dark Web for the Next Top Ransomware

A detailed look at underground forums shows that cybercriminals aren’t sure where to look on the heels of the GandCrab ransomware group shutting its doors – and low-level actors are taking advantage of that by developing their own strains.

Ransomware continues to be a top threat, with Friday’s ransomware attack on 23 Texas local government and agencies and two in June on dual Florida cities – Lake City and Riviera Beach, resulting in a decision to pay off the hackers — acting as perfect examples of just how lucrative this type of malware is.

Behind the scenes, cybercriminals aren’t having as easy of a time selecting tools as it may seem. According to new research, after the notorious GandCrab ransomware gang shuttered operations in June, many have been left adrift.

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Source: ThreatPost