Imminent Monitor – a RAT Down Under

The availability of “commodity malware” – malware offered for sale – empowers a large population of criminals, who make up for their lack of technical sophistication with an abundance of malicious intent.

Rather than looking just at the malware samples and functionality themselves, we’ve taken an interest in the commodity malware ecosystem; especially into the malware authors who fundamentally empower and profit from it.

Our previous research into commodity Remote Access Tools (RATs) has assisted law enforcement efforts in prosecuting the authors and customers of malware including Orcus, LuminosityLink and Adwind. Our “SilverTerrier” research into the immensely prevalent West-African financial cybercrime has shown the tremendous popularity of commodity malware empowering the largest financial cybercrime threat at this time, and especially their evolution towards using commodity RATs in their attacks.

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Source: PaloAlto