Mirai Variant ECHOBOT Resurfaces with 13 Previously Unexploited Vulnerabilities

Since the discovery of the Mirai variant using the binary name ECHOBOT in May 2019, it has resurfaced from time to time, using new infrastructure, and more remarkably, adding to the list of vulnerabilities it scans for, as a means to increase its attack surface with each evolution.

Unlike other Mirai variants, this particular variant stands out for the sheer number of exploits it incorporates, with the latest version having a total of 71 unique exploits, 13 of which haven’t been seen exploited in the wild until now, ranging from extremely old CVEs from as long back as 2003, to recent vulnerabilities made public as recently as early December 2019.

Based on this seemingly odd choice, one could risk a guess that the attackers could potentially be aiming for the sweet spots of IoT vulnerabilities, targeting either legacy devices that are still in use but probably too old to update due to compatibility issues and newer vulnerabilities that are too recent for owners to have patched.

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Source: Paloalto