Rancor: Cyber Espionage Group Uses New Custom Malware to Attack Southeast Asia

In late June 2018, Unit 42 revealed a previously unknown cyber espionage group we dubbed Rancor, which conducted targeted attacks in Southeast Asia throughout 2017 and 2018. In recent attacks, the group has persistently targeted at least one government organization in Cambodia from December 2018 through January 2019. While researching these attacks, we discovered an undocumented, custom malware family – which we’ve named Dudell. In addition, we discovered the group using Derusbi, which is a malware family believed to be unique to a small subset of Chinese cyber espionage groups.

Attack Details

Between early December 2018 and the end of January 2019, Rancor conducted at least two rounds of attacks intending to install Derusbi or KHRat malware on victim systems. January 2019 sent via 149.28.156[.]61 to deliver either Derusbi or KHRat samples with either cswksfwq.kfesv[.]xyz or connect.bafunpda[.]xyz as C2.

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Source: Paloalto