Waterbear is Back, Uses API Hooking to Evade Security Product Detection

Waterbear, which has been around for several years, is a campaign that uses modular malware capable of including additional functions remotely.

It is associated with the cyberespionage group BlackTech, which mainly targets technology companies and government agencies in East Asia (specifically Taiwan, and in some instances, Japan and Hong Kong) and is responsible for some infamous campaigns such as PLEAD and Shrouded Crossbow. In previous campaigns, we’ve seen Waterbear primarily being used for lateral movement, decrypting and triggering payloads with its loader component.

In most cases, the payloads are backdoors that are able to receive and load additional modules. However, in one of its recent campaigns, we’ve discovered a piece of Waterbear payload with a brand-new purpose: hiding its network behaviors from a specific security product by API hooking techniques. In our analysis, we have discovered that the security vendor is APAC-based, which is consistent with BlackTech’s targeted countries.

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Source: Trend Micro