PyMICROPSIA: New Information-Stealing Trojan from AridViper

Unit 42 researchers have been tracking the threat group AridViper, which has been targeting the Middle Eastern region. As part of this research, a new information-stealing Trojan with relations to the MICROPSIA malware family has been identified, showing that the actor maintains a very active development profile, creating new implants that seek to bypass the defenses of their targets. We have named this new malware family PyMICROPSIA because it is built with Python.

Figure 1 below provides a high-level overview of the capabilities of the PyMICROPSIA malware family and similarities observed with previous AridViper activity. While investigating PyMICROPSIA capabilities, we identified two additional samples hosted in the attacker’s infrastructure, which are downloaded and used by PyMICROPSIA during its deployment. The additional samples provide persistence and keylogging capabilities, which we discuss later.

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Source: Palo Alto