RansomExx Ransomware Gang Dumps Stolen Embraer Data: Report

Hackers have dumped sensitive company data that was stolen during a ransomware attack last month on aircraft manufacturer Embraer. The compromised data appeared on a new dark web site created to publish leaked information, according to a published report.

The move appears to be a revenge for the Brazilian-based company’s refusal to pay a ransom in the attack, choosing instead to restore affected systems from backup, according to a report in ZDNet published early Monday. The files were published on a recently-created dark web site managed by the RansomExx ransomware gang, also known as Defray 777, according to the report.

Embraer is the third-largest producer of airliners behind Boeing and Airbus. The company acknowledged in a statement on Nov. 30 that a cyberattack that accessed “only a single environment of the company’s files” occurred on Nov. 25.

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Source: ThreatPost