BlueNoroff introduces new methods bypassing MoTW

BlueNoroff group is a financially motivated threat actor eager to profit from its cyberattack capabilities. Kaspersky researchers have published technical details of how this notorious group steals cryptocurrency before. Kaspersky continue to track the group’s activities and this October they observed the adoption of new malware strains in its arsenal. The group usually takes advantage of Word documents and uses shortcut files for the initial intrusion. However, it has recently started to adopt new methods of malware delivery.

The first new method the group adopted is aimed at evading the Mark-of-the-Web (MOTW) flag, the security measure whereby Windows displays a warning message when the user tries to open a file downloaded from the internet. To do this, optical disk image (.iso extension) and virtual hard disk (.vhd extension) file formats were used. This is a common tactic used nowadays to evade MOTW, and BlueNoroff has also adopted it.

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Source:  Kaspersky