Multi-Stage Rietspoof Malware Drops Multiple Malicious Payloads

Rietspoof is a new malware family which uses a multi-stage delivery system, is designed to drop multiple payloads on the systems it infects, and offers very little to no information on what audience it targets.

Avast’s Threat Intelligence Team first encounter with Rietspoof took place in the summer of 2018, during August, and while the researchers have been keeping an eye on it since then, there’s a lot to be discovered when it comes to its exact infection chain.

What’s known at the moment is that the malware uses multiple stages to compromise its targets, each of them having very particular capabilities, with one acting as a bot that “can download/upload files, start processes, or initiate a self-destruct function,” and another behaving like a run-of-the-mill downloader.

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Source: Bleeping Computer