SORA and UNSTABLE: 2 Mirai Variants Target Video Surveillance Storage Systems

Trend Micro researchers encountered two variants of the notorious internet of things (IoT) malware, Mirai, employing a new propagation method. The two variants, namely SORA (detected as IoT.Linux.MIRAI.DLEU) and UNSTABLE (detected as IoT.Linux.MIRAI.DLEV), gain entry through Rasilient PixelStor5000 video surveillance storage systems by exploiting CVE-2020-6756.

Mirai is a type of malware that actively searches for IoT devices with vulnerabilities, infects them, and turns them into bots. These bots will then find other devices to infect. Through the years, the malware has given rise to several variants, like those that target routers and smart TVs.

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Source: Trend Micro