Roaming Mantis reaches Europe

Roaming Mantis is a malicious campaign that targets Android devices and spreads mobile malware via smishing. Kaspersky researchers have been tracking Roaming Mantis since 2018, and they observed some new activities by Roaming Mantis in 2021, and some changes in the Android Trojan Wroba.g (or Wroba.o, a.k.a Moqhao, XLoader) that’s mainly used in this campaign. Furthermore, they have discovered that France and Germany were added as primary targets of Roaming Mantis, in addition to Japan, Taiwan and Korea.

Geography of Roaming Mantis victims
Kaspersky latest research into Roaming Mantis shows that the actor is focusing on expanding infection via smishing to users in Europe. The campaign in France and Germany was so active that it came to the attention of the German police and French media. They alerted users about smishing messages and the compromised websites used as landing pages.

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Source: Kaspersky