Ploutus.D Malware Variant Used in U.S.-based ATM Jackpotting Attacks

The United States Secret Service issued a warning on Friday to financial institutions citing “credible information” about “planned” attacks against U.S. cash machines using malware that can quickly drain ATM machines dry of cash. The warning came a day after ATM maker Diebold Nixdorf also warned its customers of “potential”  ATM Jackpotting attacks moving from Mexico to the U.S.

But journalist Brian Krebs, who runs the site KrebsOnSecurity, is reporting that U.S.-based attacks have already begun. Krebs cites sources at ATM maker NCR Corp. that say an undisclosed number of ATM Jackpotting attacks (otherwise known as logical attacks) have already hit U.S. shores.

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Source: ThreatPost