16Shop Phishing Gang Goes After PayPal Users

A prolific phishing gang known as 16Shop has added PayPal customers to its target set.

According to researchers at the ZeroFOX Alpha Team, the latest version of the group’s phishing kit is designed with a number of features that are aimed to steal as much personally identifiable information (PII) as possible from users of the popular money-transfer service, including login credentials, geolocation, email address, credit-card information, phone number and more.

In investigating the kit’s infrastructure, researchers uncovered that to establish contact, the kit sends a POST request to a command-and-control (C2) server, with a password, domain and path as a form of operational security. Stolen information is subsequently exfiltrated via SMTP to an attacker-controlled email inbox. It can be used to create phishing pages in English, Japanese, Spanish, German and Thai.

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Source: ThreatPost