Attacker’s Tactics and Techniques in Unsecured Docker Daemons Revealed

Between September and December 2019, Unit 42 researchers periodically scanned and collected metadata from Docker hosts exposed to the internet (largely due to inadvertent user errors) and this research reveals some of the tactics and techniques used by attackers in the compromised Docker engines. In total, 1,400 unsecured Docker hosts, 8,673 active containers, and 17,927 Docker images were discovered in our research. The Docker team worked quickly in tandem with Unit 42 to remove the malicious images once our team alerted them to this operation.

Container technology has gained enormous popularity in the past few years and is becoming the de facto way for packaging, delivering, and deploying modern applications. While the technology is quickly evolving and being adopted, it also becomes a valuable target for adversaries.

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Source: Palo Alto