xHunt Campaign: New Watering Hole Identified for Credential Harvesting

During the analysis of the xHunt campaign activities, we identified a Kuwaiti organization’s webpage used as an apparent watering hole. The webpage contained a hidden image which was observed between June and December 2019, and referenced domains associated with malicious activity conducted by the xHunt campaign operators.

We believe that the same threat actors involved in the Hisoka attack campaign compromised and injected this HTML code into this website in an attempt to harvest credentials from the website’s visitors; specifically, gathering account names and password hashes. While we cannot confirm this, it is possible that the actors intended to crack these hashes to obtain the visitor’s passwords or using the hashes gathered to carry out relay attacks to gain access to additional systems.

If successful in harvesting account credentials, the compromised data has a plethora of uses for the attackers and can allow them to breach an organization to steal sensitive information.

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Source: Palo Alto