XDR investigation uncovers PlugX, unique technique in APT attack

Advanced persistent threats (APT) are known — and are universally dreaded — for their stealth. Actors behind such attacks actively innovate their techniques to evade detection and ensure that they maintain a foothold inside an environment as long as possible. Through the Apex One with Endpoint Sensor (iES), we discovered one such incident wherein an attacker utilized sophisticated techniques in an attempt to exfiltrate sensitive information from a company. The unique tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) used in this attack highlight the importance of cross-layered detection and response solutions.

Technical analysis

Trend Micro researchers have noticed the execution of schtasks.exe with the command line parameter “schtasks /create /tn <name> c:\programdata\<software name>\<file name>.bat /sc /once /st <time> /ru <user account>”. The scheduled task was not created for persistence. The batch file that was to be executed had a suspicious name that stood out. This prompted us to dig deeper.

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Source: Trend Micro