ICAO: Terrorism and cyberattacks are a ‘significant concern’

ICAO secretary general Fang Liu has told the United Nations (UN) counter-terrorism committee that threat and risk information must be shared to overcome “significant concern” of terrorism against aviation.

“Foreign terrorist fighter movements, landside attacks, threats posed by insiders and airport staff, and the use of increasingly sophisticated improvised explosive devices are all significant concerns,” Liu said, “and our expanding reliance on information technology in all areas of aviation—from navigation to communications to security—exposes us to cyber threats.”

Liu made the comments at a special UN Counter-Terrorism Committee (CTC) meeting on July 7.

In September 2016, UN Security Council (UNSC) unanimously adopted Resolution 2309, which addresses international cooperation on civil aviation security.

ICAO has come up with a Global Aviation Security Plan (GASeP) and Global Risk Context Statement, but Liu stressed that national security authorities need access to current threat and risk information. She said “challenges persist” over the sharing of this information.

“It is important that the highest levels of states’ governments take actions. [Human and financial] resources must be made available, cooperation must be increased, initiatives must be endorsed, and timelines must be met,” Liu said.

The meeting outcomes will be presented to the UN Security Council in September.

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Source: Air Transport World