Anubis Android Malware Returns with Over 17,000 Samples

The 2018 mobile threat landscape had banking trojans that diversified their tactics and techniques to evade detection and further monetize their malware — and in the case of the Anubis Android malware, retooled for other malicious activities. Anubis underwent several changes since it first emerged, from being used for cyberespionage to being retooled as a banking malware, combining information theft and ransomware-like routines. In mid-January of 2019, we saw Anubis use a plethora of techniques, including the use of motion-based sensors to elude sandbox analysis and overlays to steal personally identifiable information.

The latest samples of Anubis (detected by Trend Micro as AndroidOS_AnubisDropper) we recently came across are no different. While tracking Anubis’ activities, we saw two related servers containing 17,490 samples.

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Source: Trend Micro