Spam Campaign Targets Colombian Entities with Custom-made ‘Proyecto RAT,’ Uses Email Service YOPmail for C&C

We observed a recent campaign that primarily targets financial institutions and governmental organizations in the South American region, particularly in Colombia. This blog post covers the activities we observed, the remote access tools (RATs) used, the campaign’s techniques and procedures, and its indicators of compromise (IoCs). Our findings indicate that the campaign appears to be the work of a group involved in business email compromise (BEC) or cybercrime, and unlikely to be an advanced persistent threat (APT).

It’s worth noting that the group uses YOPmail, a disposable email address service, for its command and control server (C&C). The payload, written in Visual Basic 6, is a customized version of a remote access tool called “Proyecto RAT.” Our in-depth analysis of the malware is detailed in this

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Source: Trend Micro