MuddyWater Resurfaces, Uses Multi-Stage Backdoor POWERSTATS V3 and New Post-Exploitation Tools

We found new campaigns that appear to wear the badge of MuddyWater. Analysis of these campaigns revealed the use of new tools and payloads, which indicates that the well-known threat actor group is continuously developing their schemes. We also unearthed and detailed our other findings on MuddyWater, such as its connection to four Android malware families and its use of false flag techniques, among others, in our report New MuddyWater Activities Uncovered: Threat Actors Used Multi-Stage Backdoors, False Flags, Android Malware, and More.

One of the campaigns sent spear-phishing emails to a university in Jordan and the Turkish government. The said legitimate entities’ sender addresses were not spoofed to deceive email recipients. Instead, the campaign used compromised legitimate accounts to trick victims into installing malware.

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Source: Trend Micro