Riltok mobile Trojan: A banker with global reach

Riltok is one of numerous families of mobile banking Trojans with standard (for such malware) functions and distribution methods. Originally intended to target the Russian audience, the banker was later adapted, with minimal modifications, for the European “market.” The bulk of its victims (more than 90%) reside in Russia, with France in second place (4%). Third place is shared by Italy, Ukraine, and the United Kingdom.

We first detected members of this family back in March 2018. Like many other bankers, they were disguised as apps for popular free ad services in Russia. The malware was distributed from infected devices via SMS in the form “%USERNAME%, I’ll buy under a secure transaction. youlabuy[.]ru/7*****3” or “%USERNAME%, accept 25,000 on Youla youla-protect[.]ru/4*****7”, containing a link to download the Trojan. Other samples were also noticed, posing as a client of a ticket-finding service or as an app store for Android.

It was late 2018 when Riltok climbed onto the international stage. The cybercriminals behind it kept the same masking and distribution methods, using names and icons imitating those of popular free ad services.

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Source: Kaspersky Lab