Zebrocy’s Multilanguage Malware Salad

Zebrocy is Russian speaking APT that presents a strange set of stripes. To keep things simple, there are three things to know about Zebrocy

  • Zebrocy is an active sub-group of victim profiling and access specialists
  • Zebrocy maintains a lineage back through 2013, sharing malware artefacts and similarities with BlackEnergy
  • The past five years of Zebrocy infrastructure, malware set, and targeting have similarities and overlaps with both the Sofacy and BlackEnergy APTs, yet throughout that time it has remained different from both of those groups

We originally described a rare “Zebrocy Delphi payload” in late 2015 private reports. That malware set, activity, and infrastructure has greatly expanded. Its malware set has been coded in a half dozen languages or so. Related activity has gone on for years, spearphished hundreds of government, foreign affairs related, and military related targets, and initially was regarded as a Sofacy subset.

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Source: Kaspersky lab