Android ‘ActionSpy’ Malware Targets Turkic Minority Group

Researchers have discovered a new Android spyware, dubbed ActionSpy, targeting victims across Tibet, Turkey and Taiwan. The spyware is distributed either via watering-hole websites or fake websites.

Researchers believe ActionSpy is being used in ongoing campaigns to target Uyghur victims. The Uyghurs, a Turkic minority ethnic group affiliated with Central and East Asia, have previously been targeted in spyware attacks. Though they first discovered the spyware in April 2020, researchers believe ActionSpy has existed for at least three years based on its certificate sign time.

“ActionSpy, which may have been around since 2017, is an Android spyware that allows the attacker to collect information from the compromised devices,” said researchers with Trend Micro in a Thursday analysis. “It also has a module designed for spying on instant messages… and collecting chat logs from four different instant messaging applications.”

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Source: ThreatPost