Ferocious Kitten: 6 years of covert surveillance in Iran

Ferocious Kitten is an APT group that since at least 2015 has been targeting Persian-speaking individuals who appear to be based in Iran. Although it has been active for a long time, the group has mostly operated under the radar and has not been covered by security researchers to the best of our knowledge. It is only recently that it drew attention when a lure document was uploaded to VirusTotal and went public thanks to researchers on Twitter. Since then, one of its implants has been analyzed by a Chinese threat intelligence firm.

We were able to expand on some of the findings about the group and provide insights into the additional variants that it uses. The malware dropped from the aforementioned document is dubbed ‘MarkiRAT’ and used to record keystrokes, clipboard content, provide file download and upload capabilities as well as the ability to execute arbitrary commands on the victim machine. We were able to trace the implant back to at least 2015, where it also had variants intended to hijack the execution of the Telegram and Chrome applications as a persistence method.

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Source: Kaspersky