Alleged Members of Egregor Ransomware Cartel Arrested

hree alleged members of the Egregor ransomware cartel were apprehended in Ukraine in a crackdown conducted by the French and Ukrainian authorities last month. The arrests were also made possible with the help of private-public sector partnerships, which include Trend Micro.

About Egregor ransomware

Since its first appearance in September 2020, Egregor ransomware has been involved in high-profile attacks against retailers, human resource service companies, and other organizations. It operated under the ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS) model where groups sell or lease ransomware variants to affiliates, making it relatively easier even for inexperienced cybercriminals to launch attacks. Like some prominent ransomware variants, Egregor employs a “double extortion” technique where the operators threaten affected users with both the loss and public exposure of the encrypted data.

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Source: Trend Micro