Threat Assessment: DearCry Ransomware

Last week, Microsoft reported that attackers compromised Exchange Mail Servers with the use of four zero-day vulnerabilities. While patches have been released by Microsoft, adversaries are still attacking vulnerable versions of Microsoft Exchange Servers with malicious tools, malware and data exfiltration. Further, Microsoft has confirmed the existence of a ransomware variant leveraging these vulnerabilities, which has been dubbed “DearCry.” It is reasonable to suspect that the ransomware authors were paying homage to an unrelated yet infamous ransomware family, “WannaCry,” which was used as a payload within an orchestrated attack campaign leveraging known Microsoft vulnerabilities to infect victims en masse.

Due to the surge of this malicious activity, we’ve created this threat assessment for overall threat awareness. Full visualization of the techniques observed and their relevant Courses of Action (CoA) can be viewed in the Unit 42 ATOM Viewer.

If you think you may have been impacted, please email or call (855) 875-4631 to get in touch with the Crypsis Incident Response team.

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Source: Palo Alto