TrickBot Takes Over, After Cops Kneecap Emotet

A massive malicious spam campaign, along with the global takedown of Emotet, has vaulted the TrickBot trojan to the top of the Check Point’s list of the most popular malware among cybercriminals for February.

In January, TrickBot was ranked third on Check Point’s list, and it was fourth overall for 2020, while the No. 1 malware, Emotet, remained ascendant. But following the worldwide law-enforcement effort to take down Emotet in January, cybercriminals have pivoted to TrickBot, the report explained. Both strains are most often used as first-stage loaders for fetching additional malware.

“Even when a major threat is removed, there are many others that continue to pose a high risk on networks worldwide, so organizations must ensure they have robust security systems in place to prevent their networks from being compromised and minimize risks,” according to the Check Point report.

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Source: ThreatPost