Cyber superweapons and Windows XP – 5 reasons why the NHS attack was so successful

The Wanna Decryptor (Wannacry) attack is being cited as the largest ransomware attack in history – it was certainly the largest and most disruptive cyber attack ever launched against the UK’s National Health Service (NHS).

The attack, which struck organisations across the globe on May 14 2017, knocked 40 NHS hospitals offline and cut access to computers for 24 trusts. This resulted in diverted A&E services across affected hospitals, fewer GP services available across the country and cancellations to time-sensitive and life-changing operations.

The ransomware locked down critical NHS computers, displaying nothing but a message from Wannacry’s criminal architects demanding payment or face getting NHS data destroyed. Engineers continue to work tirelessly, days after the infection ran rampant through unsecure NHS systems.



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Source: Computer Business Review.