Gatekeeper Bug in MacOS Mojave Allows Malware to Execute

Researcher discloses vulnerability in macOS Gatekeeper security feature that allows the execution of malicious code on current version of the OS.

Researcher Filippo Cavallarin disclosed a bug in the macOS security feature Gatekeeper that allows malicious code execution on systems running the most recent version of Mojave (10.14.0).

MacOS Gatekeeper is an Apple security feature that enforces code signing and verifies downloads and apps before users run them. The goal is to eliminate the possibility of malicious files being executed on systems. Gatekeeper requires the user’s consent before opening a file.

“On MacOS X version <= 10.14.5 (at time of writing) it is possible to easily bypass Gatekeeper in order to execute untrusted code without any warning or user’s explicit permission,” wrote Cavallarin, the CEO of Segment, an Italian security firm.

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Source: ThreatPost