Mobile Risks Boom in a Post-Perimeter World

Cybercriminals are now taking a mobile-first approach to hacking the enterprise. Case in point, last month a half-billion Apple iOS users were stung by an attack exploiting an unpatched bug in Chrome for iOS. Crooks managed to hijack user session and redirect traffic to malicious websites booby-trapped with malware.

Attacks like these demonstrate just how widespread and effective a mobile cybercrime campaign can be. It’s also an example of how cybercriminals are increasingly and successfully targeting mobile users. For enterprises that are embracing an ever-more-mobile workforce, escalating mobile attack vectors significantly widen the threat landscape, and are forcing companies to rethink what their security requirements need to be.

Rapid Mobility Growth Continues

Supporting the mobile worker is increasingly on businesses’ to-do lists. According to a 2018 Oxford Economics survey, 80 percent of respondents said that company workers cannot do their jobs effectively without a mobile device. The same survey shows that 82 percent believe that mobile devices are critical to employee productivity.

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Source: ThreatPost