Snapchat Privacy Blunder Piques Concerns About Insider Threats

After a report found that Snap employees were abusing their access to Snapchat data, experts are warning that insider threats will continue to be a top challenge for privacy.

Snap, the company behind the popular Snapchat social media app, has found itself in hot water after a recent report revealed that Snap employees were abusing their access to private user data – which includes location data, saved Snaps and phone numbers.

According to a Thursday Motherboard report, Snap touted several internal tools enabling employees to access Snapchat users’ personal data. One such tool, dubbed SnapLion, was originally created to help collect data in response to law enforcement requests via court orders. However, several internal emails obtained by Motherboard showed several employees abused this capability, with one Snap employee looking up an email address for an account outside of a law enforcement situation, for instance.

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Source: ThreatPost