The top 5 malware threats targeting Macs

While Macs offer strong security protections, they are far from immune to malware, according to new data from security firm Avast.

Since January 2017, Avast has blocked more than 250 million malware threats aimed at their Mac customers.

“Macs are not impervious to malware,” wrote Lukáš Hasik, senior product manager at Avast. “As secure as Macs generally are, the fact is that hackers are targeting them more than ever.”

As Apple’s market share has increased, malware that targets its products has skyrocketed, as TechRepublic’s Jesus Vigo reported. A recent report from Malwarebytes found that Mac malware in 2017 is the highest it has ever been than any other year. And many Macs may be vulnerable to firmware vulnerabilities as well, according to a report from Duo Security.

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Source: TechRepublic