Cathay Pacific hack: Airline admits techies fought off cyber-siege for months

Fresh from belatedly admitting that 9.4 million passengers’ personal data was stolen by hackers, Hong Kong airline Cathay Pacific has now admitted that it was under attack for three solid months before it took half a year to tell anyone.

In its initial public statement on the hack, which saw names, nationalities, dates of birth, addresses, some people’s passport numbers, email addresses and more heading from its secure servers into the hands of as-yet unidentified miscreants, Cathay said it had detected “suspicious activity” beginning in March 2018.

In a submission made by the airline to Hong Kong’s Legco (its Legislative Council; broadly, the semi-autonomous Chinese territory’s equivalent of Parliament) reveals (PDF, 4 pages), ahead of a Wednesday hearing, Cathay said it knew that in March the “suspicious activity” was a full-scale attack on its servers.

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Source: The Register