Critical Flaws in VNC Threaten Industrial Environments

The open-source Virtual Network Computing (VNC) project, often found in industrial environments, is plagued with 37 different memory-corruption vulnerabilities – many of which are critical in severity and some of which could result in remote code execution (RCE). According to researchers at Kaspersky, they potentially affect 600,000 web-accessible servers in systems that use the code.

The research looked into four popular VNC-based systems, LibVNC, UltraVNC, TightVNC1.X and TurboVNC, which are actively used in automated industrial facilities to enable remote control of systems, according to the firm. Approximately 32 percent of industrial network computers having some form of remote administration tools, including VNC.

“The prevalence of such systems in general, and particularly ones that are vulnerable, is a significant issue for the industrial sector as potential damages can bring significant losses through disruption of complex production processes,” Kaspersky researchers wrote in an analysis of the bugs for ICS CERT, released Friday.

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Source: ThreatPost