IT threat evolution Q3 2019

Targeted attacks and malware campaigns, Mobile espionage targeting the Middle East

At the end of June Kaspersky reported the details of a highly targeted campaign that we dubbed ‘Operation ViceLeaker’ involving the spread of malicious Android samples via instant messaging. The campaign affected several dozen victims in Israel and Iran. We discovered this activity in May 2018, right after Israeli security agencies announced that Hamas had installed spyware on the smartphones of Israeli soldiers, and we released a private report on our Threat Intelligence Portal. We believe the malware has been in development since late 2016, but the main distribution began at the end of 2017.

The attackers used two methods to install these implants: they backdoored legitimate apps, injecting malicious Smali code; and they built an open-source legitimate ‘Conversations’ messenger that included the malicious code. You can read more about Operation ViceLeaker here.

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Source: Kaspersky