NSO Group President Defends Controversial Tactics

In a rare public appearance by Shiri Dolev, the president of the secretive NSO Group Technologies, the company leader vented over what she called “false myths” about the firm. Dolev also took indirect aim at secure messaging platforms, offered by the likes of Facebook, explaining surveillance companies may soon have to step in where law enforcement companies can’t.

NSO Group is an Israeli technology firm known for its controversial Pegasus spyware, which enables remote surveillance of smartphones. In October, Facebook subsidiary WhatsApp sued NSO Group for creating tools allegedly used by its clients for reading the protected WhatsApp messages of journalists and human rights workers.

Speaking at the tech conference Mind the Tech in Tel Aviv, earlier this week, Dolev said, “Terrorists and criminals use the social platforms and apps we all use every day as a vehicle for terrorism and crime.” She said that key to circumventing the use of end-to-end secure messaging platforms by criminals was to access “critical information which is hidden in secure apps.”

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Source: ThreatPost