Navigating Gray Clouds – The Importance of Visibility in Cloud Security

The cloud is the digital world’s ground zero for transformation, innovation, and agility. Its vastness and power enable enterprises and organizations to keep up with high-resource demands and allow them to access mission-critical data anytime, anywhere.

With 85% of businesses worldwide using the cloud to store large amounts of information, it has proven its imperative value, especially during the onslaught of the Covid-19 pandemic. 87% of global IT decision makers attribute the speedy shift to the cloud to the unforeseen global health crisis: a move that proves helpful with economic resiliency. Because of the cloud, enterprises and organizations are able to keep the bulk of their employees working from home. Indeed, even after the pandemic, it is expected that the number of employees working from home (which has already quadrupled compared to before the pandemic started) will still be higher than the number in previous years. Today, organizations are already gearing up for a cloud-first world. In fact, banks and financial institutions are now working toward becoming fully cloud-powered by 2025.

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Source: Trend Micro