How A Drive-by Download Attack Locked Down Entire City for 4 Days

We don’t really know the pain and cost of a downtime event unless we are directly touched.

Be it a flood, electrical failure, ransomware attack or other broad geographic events; we don’t know what it is really like to have to restore IT infrastructure unless we have had to do it ourselves.

We look at other people’s backup and recovery issues and hope we are smarter or clever enough to keep it from happening to us.

Recovery from a downtime event includes inconvenience, extra work, embarrassment and yes, real pain.

A ransomware attack is a good example.

Unitrends—an American company specialised in backup and business continuity solutions—recently shared with us a real cyber-attack incident happened with one of their customers to describe the required steps they took to recover functionality following a CryptoLocker attack against a US city.

Also, how it cost city’s Governance team days of production and hundreds of man-hours to recover.

The Challenge

Issaquah is a small city of 30,434 people in Washington, United States. According to Forbes, they are the 2nd fastest growing suburb in the state of Washington.

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Source: The Hacker News