Security & Counter Terror Expo 2019 – The UK’s Leading National Security Event, 5-6 March 2019, Olympia, London

Security & Counter Terror Expo is a world-class showcase of the capabilities, strategies and intelligence to keep nations, infrastructure, business and people safe.

Stepping into a New Decade

After celebrating its 10-year anniversary, Security & Counter Terror Expo is launching a brand new decade with its 2019 edition.

The goal of the 2019 campaign is to see a more joined-up approach in connecting the Government, wider public sector and security individuals with the aim of preventing terrorist attacks. This vision informs a key theme of this year’s event, which is improving the communication channels from central Government to local communities.

Working in close partnership with NPCC and CTP, SCTX will continue to establish itself as the leading business and networking platform for security professionals. More than ever before, the event will be centred on fostering community within the security sector and building valuable relationships with various government agencies, national operators and local authorities, all of whom work in tandem to execute the CONTEST Strategy.

An Overview of SCTX 2019

SCTX 2019 will bring together 350 leading suppliers and over 10,000 senior security professionals from 100 countries representing a comprehensive range of sectors: Government, Private Sector, Critical National Infrastructure, Defence and Military, Law Enforcement, Transport Security, Border Security, Security Services, Crowded Places/Major Events and Emergency Services.


The event will provide plenty of networking opportunities for likeminded industry professionals to discuss security issues, gain valuable insights and forge new relationships. SCTX 2019’s education programme is specifically built to engage senior security professionals in topical discussions such as CNI Protection, Transport Security and securing Crowded Places. In particular, the internationally-renowned World Counter Terror Congress brings together global experts to share national updates on counter-terror strategy, operations and policy, examining the key areas of Prevention, Pursuit and Protection from international terror threats.


New features at SCTX 2019

The national security landscape has evolved immeasurably over the past decade, with domestic attacks becoming more prolific than ever before and threat levels rarely changing from ‘severe’.

SCTX 2019 will feature four strategic launches to reflect the latest developments within the security and counter terror landscape – The Defence and Security Zone and Crowded Place Conference.

Defence and Security Zone

New to 2019 and planned in close collaboration with the UK’s largest Defence Exhibition, DSEI, the Defence and Security Zone explores the growing relationship between domestic security and overseas military operations.

In view of the current threat landscape, robust security and defence measures are essential at home and abroad.

SCTX 2019 will bring together global defence and security leaders to discuss the capabilities and technologies required by armed forces and civil protection units to combat terrorist threats.

Crowded Place Conference

Crowded places including shopping centres, sports stadiums, bars, pubs and clubs are attractive targets for terrorists. The incidents on Westminster Bridge, Borough Market, Manchester Arena and the attacks in Paris are just a few examples.

Designed for senior security professionals to discuss methods to mitigate risks and prevent mass casualty attacks, the Conference will be the perfect meeting place to benchmark strategies, debate best practices and explore the latest technologies for crowd protection.

Specialist Response & Intervention Conference          

The unpredictable attacks across Paris, London, Barcelona, Stockholm and the rest of Europe have left questions over the preparedness of civil emergency services and the tools available to them in some of the most life-threatening environments.

In light of these threats, the Specialist Response & Intervention Conference explores how law enforcement can best prepare for evolving types of attack, what training and equipment is required to put armed specialist response units in place, and what challenges need to be overcome to make this happen.

SECCO Conference            

This annual event is a closed-doors conference for the national CT police units, during which they will discuss the latest technological developments and strategies in use amongst the police forces of the UK. The conference will bring together CT police from across the UK and internationally to explore new ways to prevent, deter and investigate terrorist activity.

Supported by leading industry experts

For 2019, SCTX is honoured to be supported by a board of advisers bringing with them a wealth of experience and knowledge.

Alistair Bunkall is one of the country’s leading broadcasters on foreign affairs, diplomacy and security. As Defence Correspondent for Sky News he has reported on global terror attacks and wars. Alistair will be involved with the programme of World Counter Terror Congress at SCTX 2019.
Richard Barrett is Director of The Global Strategy Network, a group of policy makers and practitioners working to increase social cohesion and community resilience against violent extremism.
Mak Chishty has an extensive career with the police force, spanning across two decades. As the former Met Police Commander, Mak has demonstrated a remarkable understanding of the crime and security landscape, including Serious and Organised Crime, Intelligence, Surveillance, Special Branch, Forensic Science and Countering Violent Extremism.
Scott Wilson was the UK National co-ordinator for Protect and Prepare at National Counter Terrorism HQ Scotland Yard. Until recently, Scott was a Detective Chief Superintendent and a senior Investigating Officer with extensive working knowledge in homicide and counter terrorism investigations having led over 50 murder and Counter Terrorism enquiries.
Commander Robert James Broadhurst, OBE, QPM was the 2012 Olympics Gold Commander for the Metropolitan Police Service. He was formerly Commander for Public Order and Pan London Operational Support of London’s Metropolitan Police Service
Terri Nicholson MSc served for 30 years in the Police service, performing senior leadership roles in Counter Terrorism and Organised Crime at Scotland Yard, the National Crime Squad and SOCA. Terri retired as Assistant Chief Constable – Deputy Senior National Coordinator for Counter Terrorism in the UK in June of this year. She is now Vice President for International Security at Viacom – the multinational media conglomerate.
Richard Walton, former head of the Met’s Counter Terrorism Command (SO15) (2011-2015), has many years’ experience delivering successful counter terrorism and counter extremism strategies within a ‘rule of law’ framework. Richard was Head of Counter Terrorism for London during the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and London Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2012.

Together, Alistair Bunkall, Richard Barrett, Mak Chisty, Scott Wilson, Commander Robert James Broadhurst, Terri Nicholson and Richard Walton and will contribute to guiding the conference content, providing commentary on pertinent topics and leading the discussions for 2019.

Mark your calendars for SCTX 2019 on March 5-6 at London, Olympia

Throughout 2018, the national security landscape has remained turbulent as terrorist attacks continued to afflict the UK and the rest of Europe. In this critical time, SCTX plays an important role in bringing together the entire security community to discuss challenges, benchmark strategies and explore the newest technologies to combat terrorism.

SCTX 2019 will continue to be the leading platform for the Government, wider public sector and security professionals to come together and make impactful decisions to ensure our homes, citizens and nations are safe.

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