Cybercrime Tool Prices Bump Up in Dark Web Markets

Prices have been rising in the last two years for longstanding tools available on the Dark Web to help bad actors commit cyber attacks and fraud, alongside newer innovations that are emerging to bolster crimes like ransomware and SIM swapping, new research has found.

Keeping track of these trends in dark-web markets for the tools and data cybercriminals depend on to commit nefarious acts can be a key indicator of where the next attacks will occur, according to a new Flashpoint report, “Pricing Analysis from Goods in the Cybercrime Communities.”

“Tracking pricing trends within illicit marketplaces is an important barometer that can inform decision makers about threats and the risk they present to private-sector organizations, public-sector agencies, and law enforcement,” Ian Gray, director of analysis and research at Flashpoint, wrote a Tuesday blog post.

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Source: ThreatPost