Data collectors

Who owns data owns the world. And with the Internet taking over much of our daily lives, it has become far easier and faster to receive, collect, and analyze data.

The average user cannot even imagine how much data gets collected on them. Besides technical information (for example, about a smartphone) harvested by a manufacturer to patch vulnerabilities, companies also collect and analyze user behavior patterns, including interests, lifestyle, hobbies, and habits. And whereas a few years ago the phrase “Marketers rule our lives” sounded like some kind of Masonic conspiracy theory, today it is an obvious truth. All our online movements and actions on websites are, in their totality, a valuable product.

Why is it important for marketing and advertising agencies to know so much about us? Simple. The more data they have on us, the more accurately we can be assigned to a particular consumer group. And the more nuances about the consumer group are known, the more precisely and efficiently it can be targeted with advertising or new products that meet (or anticipate) its needs.

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Source: Kaspersky