HQWar: the higher it flies, the harder it drops

Mobile dropper Trojans are one of today’s most rapidly growing classes of malware. In Q1 2019, droppers are in the 2nd or 3rd position in terms of share of total detected threats, while holding nearly half of all Top 20 places in 2018. Since the droppers’ main task is to deliver payload while sidestepping the protective barriers, and their developers are fully bent on countering detection, this is probably one of the most dangerous classes of malware.

One of the most dangerous and widely spread families of Trojan droppers is Trojan-Dropper.AndroidOS.Hqwar. Originally created as a MaaS infrastructure, today Hqwar is used for both small-scale attacks and big ones affecting thousands of users all over the world.

The very first versions of Hqwar saw the light in early 2016, getting quite popular by the end of the same year. It peaked in Q3 2018, when substantial numbers of financial malware payloads would come “packaged” with this dropper. Yet, beginning Q4 2018, we observe its decline. The likely reason is the tool is not updated frequently enough by its author, causing a customer outflow.

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Source: Kaspersky