Attackers Are Taking Advantage of the Open-Source Service Interactsh for Malicious Purposes

Recently, Unit 42 has observed active exploits related to an open-source service called Interactsh. This tool can generate specific domain names to help its users test whether an exploit is successful. It can be used by researchers – but also by attackers – to validate vulnerabilities via real-time monitoring on the trace path for the domain. Researchers creating a proof of concept (PoC) for an exploit can insert Interactsh to check whether the PoC is working, but the service could also be used by attackers who want to be sure an exploit is working.

This blog will first introduce the Interactsh tool and how researchers or attackers can leverage it to perform vulnerability validation. We then describe some of the many exploits in the wild leveraging this tool, and we rank the exploits we’ve observed by popularity. In addition, we analyze Interactsh activity distribution in terms of dates and location. Lastly, we have included information about the malicious payloads for your reference.

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Source: Palo Alto/Unit 42