Attackers Use Undocumented MS Office Feature to Leak System Profile Data

An undocumented Microsoft Office feature allows attackers to gather sensitive configuration details on targeted systems simply by tricking recipients to open a specially crafted Word document—no VBA macros, embedded Flash objects or PE files needed.

The undocumented feature is being used by adversaries, according to Kaspersky Lab researchers, as part of a multistage attack that first involves gathering the system configuration data on targeted systems.

This code effectively sent information about the software installed on the victim machine to the attackers, including info about which version of Microsoft Office was installed,” wrote Kasperky Lab researchers in a blog post Monday explaining their research.

The feature is present in Word for Windows as well as on Microsoft Office for iOS and in Microsoft Office for Android. Researchers say they have observed several spear phishing campaigns containing the malicious attachments that are laying the groundwork for future attacks using this technique.

“To ensure a targeted attack is successful, intelligence first needs to be gathered, i.e. the bad guys need to find ways to reach prospective victims and collect information about them. In particular, they need to know the operating system version and the version of some applications on the victim computer, so they can send it the appropriate exploit,” researchers said.

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Source: ThreatPost