Arcane Stealer V Takes Aim at the Low End of the Dark Web

A general-purpose info-stealing malware is poised to make a splash in cybercrime circles, thanks to its market niche: It’s positioned as an ideal tool for low-skilled adversaries looking to get some skin in the game without having a lot of expertise.

According to the Fidelis Threat Research Team (TRT), the Arcane Stealer V malware is an inexpensive .NET package – it goes for just $9 on the Dark Web.

Functionality-wise, it collects various data from victims, including operating system, browser information, cryptocurrency wallets and instant-messaging sessions from Telegram, Discord and Pidgin. It also vacuums up passwords, cookies and forms from a variety of browsers, including Chrome, Opera, Kometa, Orbitum, Comodo, Amigo, Torch and Yandex; steals Word and .txt documents; collects Steam gaming community data; logs detected virtual machine IPs; and harvests data from FileZilla servers.

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Source: ThreatPost