North Korea Stole F-15 Jet Blueprints During 2014 Cyber-Attack on South Korea

June 11, 2016

South Korean police has said today that North Korea was behind cyber-attacks that started as early as July 2014 and breached two of the country’s telecom giants.

Authorities in Seoul say the attackers managed to breach the networks of these two companies and then expanded their access to over 160 businesses that used their servers.

A police representative has declined to name the two hacked telecom giants, but The Korea Herald has claimed it was the SK Group and the Hanjin Group.

The Hanjin Group provides IT management services for Korea’s top airline company, Korean Air, which also manufactures parts for the country’s military jets.

South Korean authorities have admitted the attackers managed to steal files that included details about a medium altitude unmanned surveillance vehicle (drone) and blueprints detailing the wing design of a US F-15 jet fighter.

Authorities have added that the attackers infected over 160,000 computers in over 160 companies and stole 42,608 files, among which over 40,000 are said to be defense-related documents.

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