Nuclear EK Authors Are Based in Russia, Make $100,000 per Month

May 18, 2016

In a two-part investigation, security researchers from Israeli security firm Check Point have dug around in countless logs of telemetry data to get to the bottom of the Nuclear Exploit Kit (EK), one of the most popular crimeware kits today.

Exploit kits are scripts that crooks install on a server that, when a user visits a Web page, scans the victim’s local PC setup for known software vulnerabilities and delivers an exploit that cracks their defenses and automatically installs malware without their knowledge.

Some of the most known exploit kits are Blackhole (now defunct), Angler (the most popular), Magnitude, and Neutrino. Also very popular is the Nuclear EK, which Check Point researchers have recently managed to track down and hack into one of its master servers.

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