Over a million user accounts ‘stolen’ in South Africa

Cyber security firm Kaspersky has warned that over a million company user accounts were compromised using a ‘data stealer’ in South Africa since 2021, and that the data may well have ended up on forums and markets on the dark web.

The company said the average price that criminals charge for access to corporate systems in the Middel East, Turkey and Africa (META) region was around $2 100 (almost R36 000). On the global market, this is as much as $4 000 (R68 000).

Presenting new research at its recent ‘Cyber Security Weekend’ in Jordan, the company said there are generally three ways criminals get into a network. They can exploit vulnerabilities in the network perimeter through unpatched software, vulnerabilities in web applications, or misconfigured services. Another way is through phishing, and here a malicious link could be in counterfeit business correspondence or fake links for online meetings or in documents.

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Source: ITWeb.co.za