Personal data of 12+ million Dutch mobile customers open to hackers

December 20, 2015

The freelance IT security consultant Sijmen Ruwhof discovered that personal info of more than 12 million Dutch mobile phone are open to cyber attacks. Ruwhof detailed all the security issues he noticed in a blog post.

Basically, all Dutch citizens who own a mobile phone are at risk of attack, the Phone House is a Dutch phone retail company that is a dealer for all telecom operators in the country.

Phone House points of sale are located in the Media Markt stores across the country. Ruwhof went to a Phone House store in a Media Markt store in Utrecht to get information about his phone subscription, and made a disconcerting discovery; the employees at the Phone House had access to customer data of all Dutch telecoms via dealer portals, and this access seems to be very insecure.

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